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Data Structures

  • Course Code :
    CSC 222
  • Level :
  • Course Hours :
    3.00 Hours
  • Department :
    Faculty of Computers & Information Technology

Instructor information :

Area of Study :

By the end of the course the students will be able to: Understand the concepts of the Data Structures. Define and use standard data structures classes. Design program with different data structures: array, linked list, stacks, queues, and trees. 1.4) Describe common applications for each data structure in the topic list. Compare alternative implementations of data structures with respect to the performance. Compare and contrast the costs and benefits of dynamic and static data structure implementations. Choose the appropriate data structures for modeling a given problem

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Data Structures

Course outcomes:

a. Knowledge and Understanding:

1-  Understanding Programming concepts, Object Oriented concepts and different Data Structures.

b. Intellectual Skills:

1- 2.1) Ability to define the computer science problems
2- 2.2) Ability to drive different solution alternatives for the computer science problems
3- 2.3) Ability to analyze the solution alternatives and choose the optimum one

c. Professional and Practical Skills:

1- 3.1) Ability to use computer aided design tools
2- 3.2) Management of computer systems resources
3- 3.3) Using and coding for computer application in different domains.
4- 3.4) Design, build and develop programs of varying levels of complexity using C++.

d. General and Transferable Skills:

1- 4.1) Use data structures effectively to solve practical problems.
2- 4.2) Write and present effective computer programs that employ efficient algorithms.
3- 4.3) Work in stressful environment and within constraints.
4- 4.4) Search for information and adopt life-long self-learning.

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Data Structures

Course topics and contents:

Topic No. of hours Lecture Tutorial/Practical
Programming Principles, Array Structure 3 2 2
Binary Trees 3 2 2
Binary Search Trees & Graphs 3 2 2
Revision 3 2 2
Final Exam 3 2 2
Stacks and Queues 3 2 2
Dynamic Allocation and Pointers 3 2 2
Linked Lists 3 2 2
Mid Term Exam 1 2 1 2
Linked Stacks and Queues 3 2 2
Circular and Doubly Linked Lists 3 2 2
Recursion 3 2 2
Mid Term Exam 2 2 1 2

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