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Course List

History & Theories of Architecture

Course outcomes:

a. Knowledge and Understanding:

1- Know the theoretical foundations of computing.
2- Understand advanced techniques for formal languages.
3- Understand Grammars those machines recognize,
4- Read, write, and manipulate an abstract specification describing the requirements of a computer system,
5- Apply various proof methods of computing and corresponding classes of languages.
6- Understand the abstract models of the process of computation such as Turing Machines, its variations, and Post Machines, and including abstract models of computing machines

b. Intellectual Skills:

1- Explain and illustrate by means of examples the terms finite, non finite, and pushdown automata, and context free grammars, un-decidability, equivalence and decision procedures
2- Describe and compare the main models of computing
3- Analyze the complexity of simple computing programs
4- Explain the use of formal systems in computers
5- Good students will be able to formally analyze simple properties of on topics of formal specifications through proof.

c. Professional and Practical Skills:

1- Approach the advanced formal languages with confidence
2- Understand new advanced formal languages

d. General and Transferable Skills:

1- Deploy communication skills
2- Deploy research skills
3- To work to tight deadlines
4- Justify students design decisions in a written document
5- Work more easily within a team to achieve an objective

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