ELD Extra-curricular Activities

The development of a program of extra-curricular activities whereby FUE students are able to practice English in an informal setting has been recommended. This is in line with the department’s vision of becoming more involved with the students and their learning.

The objective of the program is to provide different activities of interest to the students, allowing them to use their English language skills to discuss, report, narrate, read, write, or simply listen to their peers.

The sessions would be open to all FUE students, regardless of their language proficiency or whether they have completed their English courses or not. These would last for two hours, once a week, and be run by one or two members of the department. There should be a maximum number of students in each club, to allow enhanced benefit.

The program would be available free of charge, on a first come first serve basis, provided that the limitation of numbers holds.

Some suggestions are:

Book Club or Society
Here students would be exposed to different genres of writing, starting with simple stories (perhaps children’s fairy tales), short stories, and moving on to more complex books. After reading a set chapter (or number of pages, depending on the length and difficulty of the book), students would be encouraged to discuss the events and give their opinion of the characters in the book, predict the coming events, write an ending to the story without knowing the real ending yet, etc.

Why Join the Club?
This club is ideal for students who have the desire to sharpen their critical thinking and observation skills through reading. It will also bring forth their imagination, and allow them to express themselves in writing. Students will be able to lead and participate in group discussions and learn the art of persuasion by sharing their points of view. By joining this club, students will practice the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as appreciate the underlying message of different literary works.

Debating Club or Society
Here different topics of interest would be suggested and teams ‘for’ and ‘against’ would discuss the pros and cons of the topic. Students would have to research the topic in order to get the latest information to substantiate their point of view.

Why Join the Club?
This is a golden opportunity for students to practice their speaking skills in a friendly non-threatening environment. They will sharpen their critical thinking and persuasive skills in order to sway the opposing view, as well as listening critically and objectively. Moreover, they will use their research skills to gather the information needed to defend their stance. The power of debate lies in the ability to speak publically and with complete confidence. Thus, students who join this club will have the advantage of developing these essential skills that will empower them in their careers.

Culture Club/Society
Here students would be exposed to different aspects of a foreign culture. Students would research an interesting topic and present it to the rest of the group, for example the Japanese tea ceremony, folk dancing from around the world, food festivals from different regions, traditional clothes etc.

Why Join the Club?
Students who join this club will be open to a multitude of different cultures and traditions. They will research the reasons why different societies behave in certain ways and form a better understanding of these differences, thus honing their Internet skills including evaluating websites and sources. They will improve their understanding of interpersonal and intercultural communication. Students will be able to develop their reading and writing skills as they compile their reports as well as their presentation skills which include eye contact, posture, gestures, and voice.

Film Club or Society
Here students would watch a short film and discuss its message. Films do not need to be the ones shown in the box office. The instructor responsible for this club would have to choose films that are interesting and can generate discussion. These could be documentaries, films about history, famous people (scientists, politicians, actors etc.).

Why Join the Club?
The Film Club will appeal to many students from all faculties, at all levels. It will give its members the opportunity to evaluate a film for its story, message, and content, thus enabling them to sharpen their analytical skills, their critical thinking skills and their observational skills. Moreover, the discussions that will ensue will help students overcome their fear of public speaking and aid their conversational skills. The club will expose its members to different genre of films and instill in its members appreciation for the contemporary films as well as the older classics.