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Hossam Nassar

Basic information

Name : Hossam Nassar
Title: Associate Professor
Personal Info: Dr.Hossamedin Ibrahim Nassar Working as an Associate Professor at removable Prosthodontics Dept. at Future University in Egypt


Certificate Major University Year
PhD Prosthodontics Ain Shams University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine 2011
Masters Prosthodontic Cairo University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine 2007
Bachelor . Cairo University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine 1998

Teaching Experience

Name of Organization Position From Date To Date
October 6 University Instructor 01/09/2003 31/08/2007

Researches /Publications

A new atlas for 8-bar kinematic chains with up to 3 prismatic pairs using Joint Sorting - 01/0

Hossameldin Ibrahim Nassar Mohamed Hassona


It is important for designers of mechanical systems to visualize as many kinematic structures of mechanisms as possible. In this paper, a systematic methodology is proposed to generate all solutions of planar 8-bar kinematic chains (KCs) with up to 3 prismatic (P) pairs. First, a totally automated technique is developed to enumerate all available configurations of prismatic pairs for each KC. Second, Joint Sorting Code (JSC) is introduced for the first time to represent all KCs. Then a Kinematic Chain Structural Matrix (KCSM) is generated for all KCs to solve the problem of isomorphism. Finally, all results are evaluated by considering rules of P-joints assignment introduced by Ref. [1]. A vc++ code has been developed for enumeration, codes generation and isomorphism detection processes. The proposed methodology produces a new atlas for 8-bar chains that contains 16 groups and 48 subgroups. It contains 108, 426 and 816 KCs with 1P, 2P and 3P-joints respectively. The presented technique can be extended to single degree-of-freedom (DOF) planar n-bar chains with simple joints.

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Simulation of the Geometric Design Parameters - 01/1

Hossameldin Ibrahim Nassar Mohamed Hassona


A two-dimensional numerical simulation study has been performed to model an electrohydrodynamic (EHD) micropump. The emphasis of this study was on simulating the effect of the different geometric design parameters on the micropump pressure head and volume flow rate. The simulated design parameters are the channel height, the emitter and collector electrodes heights and widths, and the interelectrode spacing and the spacing between the electrode pairs. The micropump consisted of several electrode pairs which each can be considered as a pumping stage. The simulated working fluid was HFE-7100 3M® thermal fluid. One pumping stage were simulated where the total pressure of the pump can be calculated as pressure of one stage multiplied by the number of stages. The numerical results were first validated with published experimental data then were used to identify the influence of the different design parameters on the pump performance to obtain an optimum design.

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