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The Head of Department’s Welcome Note

The Head of Department’s Welcome Note
Dear Students,

The Department would like to welcome students to learn about the appropriate diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of different diseases that affects the oral cavity and adjacent structures, to review and analyze clinical signs and symptoms, adjunctive special investigations of oral diseases, the dental management of patients with systemic diseases, and the management of orofacial pain.
These courses teach students the basics of periodontology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and prognosis of periodontal diseases, periodontal surgeries, and regenerative periodontal therapy.

This course also provides you with the basic information related to radiography. You will be trained to perform all intraoral and extraoral radiographic examinations and to interpret radiographic images used in the dental profession with an understanding of those safety procedures which can avoid accidents.
Our staff will also teach students the proper use of laser technology and clinical aspects of the safe and effective uses of lasers in dentistry; its advantages, and limitations and different types and modes of laser, as well as laser safety measures.

Professor Shahira Gamal El-Din ElAshiry