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Faculty Academic Activities

Commencement of teaching and research collaboration between The Future University in Egypt (FUE) and University College Cork (UCC)

Faculty Academic Activities
A delegation headed by the Dean of faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries has visited The School of Pharmacy at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, to discuss the implementation steps of the signed academic collaboration agreement between FUE and UCC.  
Faculty Academic Activities
During the visit the following points were reviewed:
  • The possible ways of integration between courses in FUE similar to what is applied in UCC.
  • The opportunities for collaboration between the two universities over research projects in Pharmaceutical sciences.
  • The possibilities for FUE pharmacy student's summer training and crash courses at UCC.
  • Starting the preparations required for launching a joint Professional Diploma for two years in Pharmaceutical Technology.
  • Arranging for longer visits for FUE staff members for sharing in teaching at UCC departments and visits for TAs for practical training.
  • Preparation for visits of UCC staff members to participate in delivering courses to FUE students.
  • Creating a drop box to share materials between the two faculties.