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Club of Hobby Electronics at Future University

Call for Joining CHEF

Electrical Engineering Department calls the Engineering Students to join the club of hobby electronics (CHEF). This will give you the opportunity to achieve your dreams concerning building up practical electronic projects and to compete with the others inside and outside the university.

What is CHEF?
CHEF is an association allows the enthusiasts to share their hobbies. It offers the members a scope to apply their skills, learn about new technologies with other students who share similar interests. It includes the design, customization and usage of electronic components, software tools and equipment to solve real problems in an interesting style. This can be done through weekly tutorial and practice session. In the tutorials, students will gain skills and knowledge about new component, tool, circuit, etc. in the weekly practical sessions, the students will be able to use any available component, part, tool, kit or development board to build anything with them. One more activity is to build a project and participate in national and international competitions and to attend hobby electronics meetups with other groups in other universities.
By end of each semester each group will have their own designed projects. The topics covered in CHEF include, but not limited to, electronics, wireless communications, hardware, microcontrollers, sensors, Arduino, embedded programming, robotics and renewable energy applications.

I need to be a member, How do I do it?
If you are engineering student, either electrical engineering or preparatory year student, or faculty staff, you are welcome to join CHEF, just contact Mr Mahmoud Salah ([email protected]).
Student will easily catch up the tutorials and practical sessions regardless of when she/he decides to join.

Student’s Project Lab (B2.1)

Prof. Kamel Hassan ([email protected], [email protected])
Dr. Hatem Zakaria
Eng. Ahmed Saeed ([email protected])

Eng. Mariam Ahmed Sameh ([email protected])
Eng. Samar Abdelmohamymn ([email protected])
Eng. Mohamed Mousa ([email protected])
Eng. Mohamed Rezk ([email protected])
Eng. Mohamed Ali ( [email protected])
Eng. Mohamed Kamal ([email protected])