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The Youth Role in Facing Terrorism and Extremism

On Wednesday, May 2, 2018, The Political Science Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture had a discussion with the Faculty of Economics and Political Science students in Future University in Egypt.

The Committee representatives are Dr. Hassan Salama, Dr. Eman Ragab, Dr. Noha Abubakr, Dr. Hoda Raouf and Dr. Ayman Abdel Wahab –Secretary General of the Committee– where they discussed the cultural non-fulfillment in facing terrorism, emphasized the importance of recognizing different cultures, and accepting them and focused on the significance of verifying the information transmitted to the youth by the media especially social media.
The Faculty of Economics and Political Science students participated in the discussion by giving an innovative solution on the importance of creating educational programs to inform the citizens on what is happening in Sinai by the army and police forces against the terrorists, and how the youth has an important role in serving the society especially in deprived areas.

The meeting ended by recommending to set up a committee for the various disciplines in the Supreme Council of Culture to study how to communicate with citizens especially in rural areas and low-income areas, and establishing specialized programs in universities and research centers to study the phenomenon of extremism and terrorism. In addition, the committee members praised the student's positive interaction and desire to play an important role in the service of society in Egypt.