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Dean’s Welcome Note

Dean’s Welcome Note Prof. Soad Kamel Rizk Welcome to the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration. I would like to extend a warm welcome in particular to students, parents, alumni and other representatives, who are looking to gain insight into our educational programs, advanced research, outreach activities, and professional services.

From excellence in the classroom to quality scholarship, our faculty does an outstanding job of providing a state-of-the-art commerce and business education that puts our faculty’s students on par with the best. Each year we add to our unique faculty to provide our students with the best education and to garner a national and international reputation.
Due to the technological revolution in the era of globalization, the content of any course that students now receive is subject to prompt obsolescence. Hence, the importance of giving students the ultimate ability of lifelong learning is urgently required in the labor market. Therefore, our curriculum and teaching methods are continuously evolving to help our courses continue to be relevant for our students and enable them to reach their full potential.

At the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (FCBA), our instructors are supported by active networks in their field of specialization. They have skills to pass on that only experienced professionals can give. Together, you will build the abilities, the knowledge, and the expertise that produce success within the office, the boardroom, or your own business. By offering a well-balanced education in a supportive environment, we are developing a twenty-first century workforce.

Our graduates have gone on to build their own careers. We hope that our alumni will serve as presidents of international and local companies, chief executive officers of for-profit and non-profit organizations, small business owners, and government leaders.
I welcome you to the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration and hope you decide to make a difference in your community and your world.

Professor Soad Kamel Rizk
Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration