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Mission and Vision


Finance is the study of the theory and practice of financial decision-making. The department approaches teaching with a focus on understanding financial decisions, markets, and institutions. The department is designed to prepare students for careers in private business as well as in the public sector, and also to prepare students for careers in commercial consumer banking and financial services. Student preparation involves an excellent teaching staff, who can coach the students in the knowledge and skills requisite for the business world, including the development of critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, problem solving, teamwork and the use of information technology as a tool which enables the graduates to be successful entrants in their respective financial professions.


The department is committed to offering students an academic experience of "thinking, learning, and doing." The best way to provide this experience is through involving students in research and the solution of real world problems. The department is committed to serve a student population that reflects the diversity of the region and includes many international students. We believe that the functions of finance can play a leading role in emphasizing things that are important to true economic performance. The faculty supports a number of programs designed to encourage and support all students to pursue careers in the field of finance. We aim at providing a gateway to an opportunity and prosperity for all students with the talent and determination to succeed. We apply instructional methodologies that will improve students’ learning abilities, without losing the focus on the need for a rigorous understanding of the underlying core principles of finance.