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The Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management offers issues surrounding the management of people in organizations as well as contemporary issues of work employment and industrial relations that are embedded in the broader context of global economy. Our goal is to produce graduates with high employability as general and specialist managers in a range of organisations, including profit-seeking, not-for-profit and governmental organisations.

Students develop insights into human resources functions and outside influences on modern business such as economic, social and legal issues. Students may obtain a strategic understanding of workforce planning and development, training, compensations and benefits, global human resource management, employee health and safety, and labor law


  • Excellence—we strive for excellence in all areas as we help to prepare our students for leadership roles in private and public organizations and as we contribute to the on-going development, promotion, and application of management scholarship.
  • Engagement—as a faculty, we are engaged with a wide range of constituencies including our students, our department, college, and university, our professions, as well as local and global communities. We seek to model their values for our students and to thereby encourage their active engagement as life-long learners, organizational team members, community leaders, and global citizens.
  • Ethics—we are committed to maintaining and promoting the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our interaction with all our constituencies. We believe that an emphasis on integrity, ethical behavior, and corporate responsibility will help to ensure that our students will learn to be effective, ethical managers and leaders.
  • Equity—we aspire to the highest standards of equity in all of our processes, procedures, and interactions. Our adherence to the principles of justice, fairness, and impartiality is critical to our ability to cultivate trust and to facilitate open communication.
By encouraging excellence, ethics, engagement, and equity in all activities, we are working to create a culture characterized by authenticity, openness, and collaboration that is inclusive and respectful of everyone.