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Mission and Vision


The mission of the marketing department within the faculty is to develop and deliver quality marketing programs and to foster an educational culture that helps students to excel at developing, implementing and controlling strategies and tactics. These fall into the areas of markets, products and services, distribution, promotion and pricing. Students should thus be capable of achieving their goals and meeting the needs and requirements of employers, customers, and society.

A secondary role, pertaining to the marketing faculty, is to provide marketing information, advice, and marketing support to the university and other groups where our knowledge and ability can provide value.
Students are taught in quantitative methods and in behavioral sciences to solve marketing and supply and chain problems. Methods of instruction may range from programmed learning for simple vocabulary and concept formation to team participation in system simulations.

Companies of all sizes must develop effective marketing strategies to ensure reaching the customers who will buy their products and services. Students learn to develop new products, create effective promotional programs, price the products, and distribute them to customers in domestic and international markets.


Our primary goal is to educate and develop marketing practitioners with the potential to advance to positions of leadership in their future careers. Our long-term strategy for the department within the faculty is to provide the best undergraduate marketing programs in Egypt. The department is committed to providing excellent teaching for its undergraduate and graduate students; scholarly research to advance the field of marketing; and, service to the local, national and international business and professional communities. Marketing graduates’ career opportunities are in a wide variety of positions, including marketing research, advertising, brand management, sports sponsorship, public relations, marketing management, and sales management. The goals of the curriculum are to enable students to develop occupationally viable skills and to pursue successful careers in marketing.