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Our students learn through formal lectures in traditional classes but also in project-based environments. Our facilities reflect these varying needs. We have formal lecture theatres and classes that are equipped with the latest interactive white board technology as well as flexible, comfortable work spaces in which students can come together in groups either independently or with a teaching member of staff.  

Educational Technology

FUE will provide all students with the tools and technology to attain the knowledge, skills, perspectives and abilities to serve in management positions and play leading roles in helping organisations achieve their goals in the ‘Information Age’. 
FUE’s primary mission is providing leadership and support in the appropriate use of technology for teaching, learning, and research. We fulfill our mission by: 
  • Creating opportunities to enable the Faculty to further their use of technology for teaching and learning
  • Supporting teaching and learning by adopting technological innovation.
  • Participating in research opportunities to better educate Faculty, staff, and students in the use of emerging technologies as they relate to teaching and learning
  • Enhancing the curriculum through the use of instructional design
  • Managing and implementing University-wide technology designed to support teaching, learning, and research
Our students use real world tools that help prepare them for lifelong learning and the evolving demands of the global workforce and marketplace.