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Vision and Mission


FEPS sets commitment to quality and excellence in higher education and internationally cohesive teaching and researching at the locus of its vision. This comes hand in hand with providing the labor market with high quality graduates with sophisticated updated methodological know-how and up to date knowledge of current affairs. The prime aim through this is to contribute toward the development and progress of the country.

If Economics is the science of quantity, Political Science is the science of quality of life. Joining the Faculty of Economics and Political Science helps students to deeply understand how humans interact from different disciplinary grounds. This in return enables us, humans and the future generations, to constructively build towards a better future of our country and the world.


The mission of the faculty is to contribute in human resources preparation and development required for sustainable and comprehensive development both in Egypt and Arab countries. This would be done through putting together a rigorous curriculum and advanced academic programs in order to meet national and regional needs as well as requirements of globalization.
The Faculty aspires to create competent researchers, analysts and problem solvers in economic, political, administrative and mass media activities. In addition, the Faculty aims at investing in the future of Egypt through providing it with equipped specialists and professionals in various fields which include the areas of banking systems, stock markets, corporations, media, regional and international organizations, diplomatic corps and strategic agencies in Egypt and the Arab world.