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Faculty Regulations

Academic System

  • The academic year is divided into two semesters; each semester consists of fifteen weeks. The faculty can arrange for a six-week summer semester, where students would be allowed to register for a maximum of nine credit hours.
  • The student has the choice of selecting his/her field of study, starting with the second academic year, only after successfully studying the introductory courses, including the course related to the chosen field of study.
  • The studies in the faculty are based on a credit hour system. A credit hour is equivalent to one hour of theoretical studies or two hours of lab/ practical training.
  • English is the language of teaching. However, the Faculty Council might, based on suggestions from the departments, offer one or more courses in any level, in the Arabic language.
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Academic Advising

The Faculty assigns academic advisors from the staff to each of group students. The academic advisors guide students in the selection of courses and the field of study during the four academic years. The academic advisor's guidance is optional. The student is responsible for the final selection of courses and field of study. 

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Grading System

A. Each instructor evaluates the students' activities during the semester (attendance, semester exams, assignments, and finals) and gives a grade for the course according to the following schedule:

Grade Percentage GPA
A >=90% 4.0
A- >=85% and <90% 3.7
B+ >=80% and <85% 3.3
B >=75% and <80% 3.0
B- >=70% and <75% 2.7
C+ >=65% and <70% 2.3
C >=60% and <65% 2.0
C- >=55% and <60% 1.7
D+ >=53% and <55% 1.3
D >=50% and <53% 1.0
F <50%> 0.0

For a student to pass any course, he or she should achieve at least 50% of the course grade (D).

B. GPA, at the end of each semester, is calculated as follows:
GPA = Total of (Grade × Number of Credit Hours for each course) ÷ Number of Credit Hours reached during study years.

C. The duration of written exams for each course is two hours; except for courses, which count for two credit hours only, whereas written exams will be one hour. The Faculty Council, based on suggestions from the departments, might change these durations.

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Organizational Regulations

  • The faculty council, based on suggestions from the relevant department, would approve amendments in the registration requirements, as well as the content of required courses.
  • The students committee in the faculty, in collaboration with the academic advisors, is required to follow-up periodically on the students’ performance. The faculty council would then approve the results of the follow-up and identify the procedures and guidelines, which would improve the students’ performance.
  • The faculty council, according to the university guidelines, would arrange for training workshops and special studies in subjects related to each department's field of study.
  • The faculty council might establish research centers, programs, and units to conduct academic research and studies, workshops, conference; as well as provide opinions and advice in subjects and issues related to computer science, information systems and Digital Media Technology.
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