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Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

Knowledge and Understanding :

  • Define the different parts of the oral cavity
  • Describe macro and micro anatomy of the teeth
  • Select the appropriate tooth identification system needed in any dental practice
  • Define the anatomical landmarks of the crowns of teeth
  • Draw and describe the morphological feature of different type of teeth and their pulp cavities
  • Identify both deciduous and permanent teeth and memorize the chronology
  • Describe the anatomical changes induced in the mandible by age
  • State the significance of physiologic tooth form in protecting the peridontium
  • Describe the different curves to which the arrangement of teeth conform
  • Describe the relation of maxillary and mandibular teeth in normal centric occlusion, as well as during different mandibular movements.

Intellectual Skills:

  • Differentiate between the deciduous and permanent human teeth
  • Predict the approximate age of a human being according to the condition of his or her teeth
  • Distinguish any abnormalities in human teeth as well as in their occluding relationship.

Professional and Practical Skills:

  • Draw the morphology of different types of human teeth
  • Create the normal shape and size of different permanent human teeth by carving.