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Essam Nassef

Basic information

Name : Essam Nassef
Title: Professor
Personal Info: Essam Mohamed Nassef Selim works as a Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at Future University in Egypt


Certificate Major University Year
PhD Orthodontic Cairo University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine 1997
Masters Orthodontic Cairo University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine 1992
Bachelor . Cairo University - Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine 1987

Teaching Experience

Name of Organization Position From Date To Date
Orthodontic Dept, Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine, Cairo University Professor 01/01/2008 01/01/2014
Orthodontic Dept, Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine, Cairo University Associate Professor 01/01/2003 01/01/2008
Misr University for Science & Technology Lecturer 01/01/2000 01/01/2002
Suez Canal University Lecturer 01/01/1999 01/01/2000
Orthodontic Dept, Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine, Cairo University Lecturer 01/01/1998 01/01/2003

Researches /Publications

The Impact of Country-of Origin and Ethnocentrism on Product Evaluation in Egypt - 01/1


Asmaa Alhassan


This study aims to examine the effects of Country of Origin (COO) and Consumer Ethnocentrism (CE) on product evaluation in Egypt. For this purpose, the authors selected two tea products, one locally produced and the other imported from Britain. Data were collected from citizens living in Cairo and its suburbs during May-June 2017 and entered into SPSS 20 program. First, the authors verified the internal consistency of study constructs by applying a reliability test (Cronbach's alpha) and described the socio-demographic profile of the sample. Then, the authors used many statistical technics to analyze data such as paired samples t-test and factor analysis. Finally, linear regression was used to test the research hypotheses. Although many previous studies have confirmed that COO is a tridimensional concept: cognitive, affective and conative, our study showed that Egyptians aggregate these three components to configure a general judgment of imported product country. Then, COO can be used as a predictor of imported product quality. Our study also proved that Egyptians, despite their strong ethnocentrism, measured by CETSCALE, base their evaluation of the domestic product on factors such as: price, familiarity and convenience. The choice of imported product is based on other factors such as: health, natural content, mood, ethical concerns and sensory appeal.

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Analyzing the Relationship between Market Orientation and Corporate Entrepreneurship - 01/0


Heba Abdel Wahab


This study aims to analyze the relationship between market orientation (MO) and corporate entrepreneurship (CE). A total of 450 questionnaires were distributed among the three main mobile organizations in the telecommunication sector in Egypt within Cairo governorate geographic zone. The research findings show that market orientation dimensions have a strong significant and positive relationship with corporate entrepreneurship dimensions. And that the corporate entrepreneurship activities practiced by mobile companies in Egypt, has been significantly affected by the market orientation of these organizations. It indicates that market orientation creates an environment that can foster corporate entrepreneurship among middle and top management to satisfy the changing needs and wants of customers. The research findings suggest that organizations need to increase the responsiveness to the changes that occur in the customers ‘needs and wants. The managers of organizations should believe in the importance of the corporate entrepreneurship and communicate this belief to their employees. They need to offer support to entrepreneurial activities within the organization by building a reward/reinforcement system that will encourage employees to innovate. This research contributes to the existing corporate entrepreneurship literature through in-depth analysis of the corporate entrepreneurship and the market orientation sub-dimensions. It also provides an insight on the telecom market in Egypt which is one of the promising sectors of the Egyptian economy.

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Nanostructured lipid carriers as semisolid topical delivery formulations for diflucortolone valerate. - 01/0


Fatma S. Abdel-Salam


Context: Topical treatment of skin disease needs to be strategic to ensure high drug concentration in the skin with minimum systemic absorption. Objective: The aim of this study was to produce semisolid nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC) formulations, for topical delivery of the corticosteroid drug, diflucortolone valerate (DFV), with minimum systemic absorption. Method: NLC formulations were developed using a high shear homogenization combined with sonication, using Precirol® ATO5 or Tristearin® as the solid lipid, Capryol™ or isopropyl myristate as the liquid lipid and Poloxamer® 407 as surfactant. The present study addresses the influence of different formulations composition as solid lipid, liquid lipid types and concentrations on the physicochemical properties and drug release profile from NLCs. Results and discussion: DFV-loaded NLC formulations possessed average particle size ranging from 160.40 nm to 743.7 nm with narrow polydispersity index. The encapsulation efficiency was improved by adding the lipid-based surfactants (Labrasol® and Labrafil® M1944CS) to reach 68%. The drug release from the investigated NLC formulations showed a prolonged release up to 12 h. The dermatopharmacokinetic study revealed an improvement in drug deposition in the skin with the optimized DFV-loaded NLC formulation, in contrast to a commercial formulation. Conclusion: NLC provides a promising nanocarrier system that work as reservoir for targeting topical delivery of DFV.

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