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El Said Abdel Hafez

Basic information

Name : El Said Abdel Hafez
Title: Lecturer
Personal Info: El Said Abdel Hafiz works as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry at Future University in Egypt


Certificate Major University Year
PhD . Azhar University 2006
Masters Endodontic and Operative Dentistry Azhar University 1990
Diploma Oral Surgery Cairo University 1982
Bachelor Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine Cairo University 1975

Teaching Experience

Name of Organization Position From Date To Date
Misr International University Lecturer 01/01/2006 31/01/2010
Minstry of Health Endodontic Consultant 01/01/1996 01/01/2006

Researches /Publications

The influence of two instrumentation techniques with two sealers on post-operative pain after endodontic treatment "randomized clinical trial" - 01/1

El Said Mohamed Ali Abdel Hafez

Mohamed Sohail Jacoub, Medhat Abdel-Rahman Kataia, Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hashem


Introduction Postoperative pain is one of the primary problems in endodontic therapy and an unpleasant situation for both patient and clinician. Purpose The aim of this Study was to assess degree of Post-Operative Pain after Endodontic Treatment done using two different instrumentation techniques with combination of two different sealers. Materials and methods 84 mandibular first and second molars were selected and randomly divided into four groups, Group 1 was prepared using Protaper Next and obturated using AH plus Sealer. Group 2, the molars were prepared using Protaper Next and obturated using Total Fill Sealer. Group 3,the molars were prepared using WaveOne Gold and obturated using AH Plus Sealer and Group 4, the molars were prepared using WaveOne Gold and obturated using Total Fill Sealer. Assessment of post-operative pain by using The Visual Analogue Scale Pain evaluation was done 3 times for each patient, Post-operatively after 12, 24 and 48 h respectively. Finally the data was tabulated and statistically analyzed using Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Shapiro-Wilk tests. Results Neither the type of file nor the type of sealer affected the post-operative pain, however time showed statistically significant difference between (12 h), (24 h) and (48 h) respectively. Conclusions Protaper next versus WaveOne Gold was found to have no influence regarding post-operative pain, The pain intensity showed significant decrease by time in all groups especially after 24 h post-operatively.

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Computed tomographic evaluation of the apical shaping ability of Hero Shaper and Revo-S - 01/0

El Said Mohamed Ali Abdel Hafez

Fayyad, Dalia Mukhtar, Sabet, Nihal Ezzat


Aim: A new radiographic technique, multislice computer tomography, was used to compare apical transportation, centreing ability, percentage of straightening and change in canal volume in maxillary mesiobuccal root canals prepared with Hero Shaper (Micro Méga, Besançon, France) and Revo-S NiTi (Micro Méga) rotary systems. Methods: Thirty mesiobuccal roots were selected and assigned into two groups (n = 15). Group I was instrumented by the Revo-S system and Group II was instrumented by the Hero Shaper system. Three-dimensional computed tomography images of the preinstrumentation and postinstrumentation stages were digitally analysed, recording the amount of apical transportation, centreing ratio, percentage of straightening and change in canal volume. A Mann Whitney U-test was adopted to compare the obtained data. Results: No statistically significant difference was recorded between the two studied systems regarding transportation, centreing ratio and canal volume (P > 0.05). Revo-S maintained the original canal curvature better than Hero Shaper (P < 0.05). Conclusions: Hero Shaper and Revo-S should be considered as efficient systems, which respect the original root canal anatomy with no resulting aberrations or failures.

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