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Amr Mamdouh

The Continued Development of Architects’ Professional Skills in Egypt

Amr Mamdouh Mahmoud Mohamed Ali

Sherif Sheta, Saad Makram

Mansoura Engineering Journal


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Towards continued education & effective professional development of architecture Graduates’ skills

Amr Mamdouh Mahmoud Mohamed Ali

Mansoura University


The needed information about the topic of this research have been investigated from the opinions of decision makers and architectural pioneers who well know about the current status of practicing architecture in Egypt. And they have been asked and discussed about practicing the architecture career, not this only but also the process of continued education & effective development of architecture graduates’ professional skills in Egypt. As a result, they have all agreed that there is a serious problem regrading practicing architecture in Egypt. Problem: In spite of having about 74 department of architecture & architectural engineering in both public and private universities now in Egypt, but the completion of preparing Architects happens after graduation through years of practicing the professional career. Objective: The research aims at: Achieving mechanisms that guarantee the continued effective development of architects in Egypt, in order to grantee their ability to keep up with the universal changes in practicing architecture all over the world. And that’s through analyzing the gap between the Egyptian architects and American architects, in order to point out the needed mechanisms to develop the practice of architecture career in Egypt. Hypothesis: The importance of architecture career is not only because it produces buildings and spaces, but also because it completes the architect’s character, and also deforms how he/she deals with surrounding people & environment. In additional, the follower of practicing architecture in Egypt obviously notice that: the architects’ professional skills are decreasing by time, and the concept of continued education is missing. Determinants: The study targets all of architecture graduates in Egypt from public and private universities with different age segments. And also it targets the AIA -American Institute of Architects- licensed architects in USA with different age segments. Methodology: The study deals with the research problem through a graded approach as an introduction and two sequential levels to study the theoretical assumptions and achieve the goals of research as the following: - First Stage: includes the theoretical study of the elements of the research problem. - Second Stage: includes the analytical study with its sequential levels. At the end, the study represents list of recommendations that target: scientific researchers, Egyptian universities, decision makers, Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, and Egyptian architects. In order to enhance the importance of both the architectural continued education and the effective development of architects’ professional skills in Egypt.

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