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Staff Researches

Nivine Ragy

egyptian dental assosiation

Nivine Ibrahim Ragy Youwakeim



improve the long life learning

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participation and editing of official books for oral medicine and diagnosis department at cairo university

Nivine Ibrahim Ragy Youwakeim


oral medicine and diagnosis

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COX-2 Inhibitors in the management of recurrent aphthous ulcers.

Nivine Ibrahim Ragy Youwakeim

egyptian dental journal


Recurrent aphthous ulceration (RAU) are common inflammatory lesions that are estimated to affect one-fourth of the population worldwide. There is no specific treatment for RAU, and management strategies depend on the symptoms, duration and severity. The present study was undertaken to study the effects of Vioxx (rofecoxib) on the clinical manifestations of RAU compared to prednisolone and Ibuprofen. 36 patients with RAU were divided into three equal groups and received one of the three drugs orally

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