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Mostafa Kamel Metwally Zidan

Basic information

Name : Mostafa Kamel Metwally Zidan
Title: Professor & Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
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Personal Info: Moustafa Kamel Metwally Zidan was born on 16/3/1948 Prof. of structural engineering, faculty of engineering, Ain Shams University.


Certificate Major University Year
PhD Structure Engineering INSA, France 1980
Diploma Structural Engineering INSA, France 1977
Masters Engineering Ain Shams Univ. 1975
Bachelor Structural Engineering Ain Shams Univ. 1971

Teaching Experience

Name of Organization Position From Date To Date
كلية الهندسة – جامعة عين شمس أستاذ متفرع بقسم الهندسة الإنشائية 01/08/2008 07/05/2014
كلية الهنسة - جامعة عين شمس وكيل الكلية لشئون الدراسات العليا و البحوث 19/05/2005 31/07/2008

Researches /Publications

Evaluation of the Seismic Response Parameters for Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings - 01/0

Mostafa Kamel Metwally Zidan


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Seismic Analysis of Buildings Using Direct Displacement Based Design Method - 01/1

Mostafa Kamel Metwally Zidan


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Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Laminated Plates Using an Array of PWAS - 01/0

Mostafa Kamel Metwally Zidan


The advances in using composite materials in different structural applications lead to the need of continuous, robust, and structural health monitoring (SHM) systems. One of the most promising techniques for SHM is electromechanical impedance (EMI)technique which depends mainly on the coupling nature of piezoelectric ceramics. Piezoelectric wafer active sensors (PWAS) can be employed as both a well-controlled actuator and sensor at the same time for diagnostic algorithms based on EMI technique. The study presented in this paper interested in EMI technique application to detect damage in composite laminated plates by applying synchronized system of PWAS array operated remotely by exerting harmonic analysis in desired frequency ranges. Frequency ranges are selected upon modal analysis of the healthy tested structure. Harmonic analysis is carried out for different damage scenarios. Extracted electrical charge spectrum data from each PWAS for the previous scenarios can be processed to plot electrical impedance for each case. The modeling process was carried out using a finite element commercial package, ANSYS v.15.0in which multi-physics-based modeling can be used for such structure made of laminated composite material. The extracted resultant spectrum, for healthy structure, is used as a datum in which it is related to its damaged counterparts through damage identification indices such as root mean square deviation (RMSD), and damage detection index (DDI). These indices were used as indicators for the changes in the modal parameters and hence, yielded reasonable results for both damage quantification and localization purposes.

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Modelling of Damage Patterns of RC Concrete Columns Under Demolition by Blasting - 01/0

Mostafa Kamel Metwally Zidan


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Numerical Investigation of Hole Arrangement and Explosive Factor Required for Blasting RC Columns - 01/0

Mostafa Kamel Metwally Zidan


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Award Donor Date
Outstanding Services Future University 2014
Ain Shams University Prize in Engineering Sciences estimated Ain Shams University 2011

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