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Faculty of Engineering & Technology
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Faculty Staff

Heads of Departments

  • Mohamed Abdel Kader

    Prof. Mohamed Abdel Kader El Aghoury is the head of Structural Engineering & construction management- Faculty of Engineering. & Technology - Future University (FUE). He recieved his Ph.D. from the Dept. of Civil Engineering, McMaster University, Canada 1986 , which title was "Finite Element Modeling of Stiffened Steel Box Girders with Imperfections”. He has 41 years experience in the Field of Struct. Eng. This includes Design, Site-Supervision including projects (of total cost 750,000,000 SR) in Saudi Arabia, Management and Consultation for various projects. He also Published More than 56 International and Local Publications. Dr. Mohamed Supervised and Examined more than 45 Master and Ph.D. Thesis. He is a Member of Int. Societies such as:(ASCE) -USA, (CSCE) -Canada, the committee for Egyptian LRFD-design code for steel constructions and of the Board of Directors of the consulting centre for steel building and bridges (CCSBB )at Ain Shams University . ... Read more

  • Ossama Mohamed Salaheldin Hassan Nasser

    Dr.ossama Nasser is a professor of engineering physics at future university . he received his master and his doctor engineer title from paul Sabatier université - Talouse, France in 1980. after 13 years of research and academic teaching he obtained his title as profrssor of engineering physics. during his years of performance at the military technical college, he was an officer in the egyptian army, and was transfered into general on pension at the year of 1993. for the three next years, he was appointed at the international atomic energy agency in vienna, as international Scientific Expert, then come back to egypt and was engaged as professor of physics in different private universities in cairo. he is engaged for teching physics in FUE as a professor of physics since 2007. ... Read more

  • Samir Sadek Hosny

    Professor Hosny is the Chairman of the Department of Architectural Engineering at Future University in New Cairo; he is also Professor of Architecture and CAAD at the Department of Architecture at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. From Ain Shams University; Prof. Hosny received his B.Sc. degree in 1977 and his M.Sc. in 1985. His M.Sc. thesis addressing the architectural trends in Egypt during the period of the Nineteenth Century and the first half of the Twentieth Century is referenced in many M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses by researchers from different parts of the world. In 1990, Prof. Hosny earned his Ph.D. degree in Architectural Design Computing after a three-year period as a visiting scholar to Penn State University, Pennsylvania in the USA. In 1997, Dr. Hosny became an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at Ain Shams University, then, in 2004 he earned his Professorship in Architecture and Architectural Computing. Prof. Hosny's expertise includes: Architectural Computing in practice and education, Shape Grammars, Computer Design Generation, Expert Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Design and Education, Architectural Education, Design Methods, Tourist Studies, Decision Support Systems, CMCD; Computer Mediated Collaborative Design, Virtual Design Studios, and Sustainable Architecture. Prof. Hosny was the director of the first Egyptian Virtual Design Studio to be conducted in Egypt in 2003 with four other Architectural Schools from London (Liverpool School of Design), Alsharja (The American University in Alsharja), Turkey (The Middle East Technical School) and Mexico (The University of Mexico). Prof. Hosny has published more than 50 refereed journal and conference papers. He has also supervised more than 50 M.Sc. theses and 20 Ph.D.s in Egypt, USA and Hungary. In addition to being an external examiner in several Ph.D. qualifying exams as well as examining several M.Sc., Ph.D. theses and conference and journal papers for different universities. Also, Prof. Hosny has a substantial design experience in the Design and Building Construction industry and contributed in designing major architectural and urban projects in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Libya. He has also held several academic and administrative positions since 1977 at Ain Shams University, Suez Canal University, Misr International University (MIU), and Future University in Egypt (FUE), which ranged from a demonstrator or a Teaching Assistant to the Acting Dean of Engineering at MIU. Since 2007, Prof. Hosny has joined Future University in Egypt (FUE) and currently he is the chairman of the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at FUE. During 2013, he has also won FUE's award for "Promoting Professor Student relationship". His students have won several National and International architectural competitions. Lots of his graduate students hold distinctive positions in well reputable architectural firms in Egypt as well as abroad. Prof. Hosny can be contacted at: [email protected] [email protected] Or by phone at: 16383 or 16FUE ext. #: 1409 ... Read more

  • Hesham Arafat Mahdy Ahmed

    Prof. Dr. Hisham Arafat Mahdi "Head of Structural Engineering & Construction Management Department". Graduated from Ain-Shams Ubniversity, Structural Engineering V.Good and awarded the M.Sc. degree on 1991 from Ain-Shams University in geotechnical engineering. On 1993 recieved a scholarship from Germany, Braunschweig university in working in the P.hD in cooperation with Ain-Shams Universitywhere he recieved his degreee on 1998, in addition to teaching,Dr. Hisham is one of the bridge and tunnel engineering expersts as he contributed in the design and construction of more than 10 Nile bridges and the underground metro line 2 and 3 (phase 1 and 2)as well as distinguished bridges and tunnels at Jeddah and Taef in KSA. Moreover, he supervised a lot of M.Sc. dissertations in Cairo University and Ain-Shams university in the field of Geotechnical, bridges and mangaement topics. He also collaborated with the pertinent academic staff in supervising graduation projects at Zagazig and Helwan university . He is very interested in the research field of bridges development and implemntation of new construction technology of offshore structures. on 2010 he was appointed as a Senior Technical Advisor for Ministry of Transportation in Egypt in the field of Bridges and Tunnels. ... Read more

  • Ismail Shaaban Ismail Mahgoub

    Ismail Shaaban Ismail Mahgoub was born on 29/06/1951, Ph.d. from university of Nancy, France. Member of the society of Petroleum Engineers of the AIME. And Member of the Supreme Council of universities in Egypt. ... Read more

  • Yehia Hossam El Din

    Professor Yehia Hossam El Din - Mechanical Engineering Department ... Read more

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