PRMD comprises a team of communication professionals with expertise in a variety of disciplines such as: writing, editing, communications, graphic design, website production, photography and media relations. Please contact PRMD for branding-related questions, printing services, publications as well as design and production,


FUE s PRMD is committed to the preservation of the integrity of the University’s image and to the provision of guidelines that ensure that its branding is kept consistent. To meet this goal, the department’s staff members have regular meetings to respond to the promotional needs of the different entities of the University, as well as to develop communication solutions that address varying demands.

The purpose of the manual is to have established guidelines that effectively minimize and address instances where the image of the University is compromised: most importantly this is when the logo is used incorrectly. PRMD works with all the faculties departments, offices and units, etc. on campus to ensure that the University’s brand identity is in compliance established standards and guidelines. Moreover, PRMD has the authority to stop the production of, or to request changes to any promotional item that does not abide by the guidelines found in this manual.


PRMD is committed to supporting the University's faculties, departments, and administrative offices, in meeting their marketing and communication needs.
In its supervisory role, PRMD is responsible for the final review and approval of all marketing and promotional materials, produced by the University's academic, and non-academic entities. Consequently, if, in the rare case, a promotional item is not produced by PRMD, the draft must obtain PRMD’s approval before its final production.
The department may be contacted either by email: [email protected], or on extensions: : 1125 - 1115.
All review requests are promptly handled.
Communication materials from administrators, faculty, staff, students, and student organizations may include:

brochures, postcards, flyers, posters, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and website advertisements and billboards advertising; newsletters promotional gifts, videos - University-wide publications, clothing and other merchandise.

By working through PRMD, the University ensures consistency of its branding, with efficiency in all University communication and the effectiveness of its marketing endeavors.


Student groups, faculties, departments and other organizations are required to obtain prior permission from PRMD before they attempt to use the University logos, marks and indicia.


Use of the University logo and inscriptions by student groups, and organizations is restricted, and prior permission must be obtained from Public Relations & Marketing when using the University logo, marks and indicia. In most cases, the use of the University’s logo, etc. on advertising posters for student groups, and in organizational activities, is optional. If a group or organization feels that its advertising needs should bear an official university logo, Student Services’ advisors should be consulted first. If both group members and advisors feel that the advertisement needs a university logo, the advertisement should then be submitted to Public Relations & Marketing for approval 4-H and other student groups organized through FUE Extension must use logos and marks approved by FUE Extension Marketing.


The Office of Public Relations & Marketing comprises communication experts, professionals in writing, editing, strategic communications, graphic design, Web site production, photography, media relations, and crisis communication.