Logo Placement


This section covers the parameters required for the use of the logo’s placement and its size. The University logo should be placed on the front cover of all printed and electronic communications. This requirement also applies to all hard copy publications of the University. This restriction does not apply to electronic publications . The size of the University logo should be in proportion to its position and to the size of the publication or promotional item. The minimum size allowed for a postcard or similarly sized publication is J.94 cm tall for the vertical logo and 1 .1 2 cm tall for the horizontal logo.

  • Logo Placement



Another feature of logo placement has to do with a required area of isolation; a certain amount of white space is required around the logo. The space is based upon the size of the "F" of future. When coupling names with the University logo, the surrounding space a rea s ho u I d be exte nded to ino re c I ea rly d i sti ng u is h th e na ines a nd d es ig n elements from the official logo. This ensures the integrity of FUE‘s identity. 

  • Logo Placement