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The Brand Identity Manual provides the guidelines needed to ensure that the overall identify of the Future University in Egypt (FUE) is maintained. The manual includes sections covering the logo (i.e. wordmarks and blazon), brand fonts, and brand pantone colors. Complying with these guidelines renders an effective image of FUE that enhances its position in ways that serve its prominence and recognition.

The manual also includes a history of FUE's logo and tackles the defects of the earlier versions. In an attempt to address previous errors, a new logo was designed and its use accordingly implemented for enhancing the University's mission and vision. Moreover, the manual primarily serves as a guide for the production of FUE's promotional material and acts as a tool to maintain the professional identity of the University’s stature.

The guidelines presented in this manual have been developed to ensure that the image of the University is presented appropriately and in accordance with its high quality standards and as such they must be observed.