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FUE has embraced sustainability to handle environmental issues including scarcity of resources, pollution and waste management. The University’s commitment to sustainability subsumes three main areas, namely: the management of Water, Energy and Waste. The purpose of these initiatives is to use resources wisely and effectively thus contributing to the welfare of the country.

Awareness Campaigns

FUE arranges annual presentations to create and develop awareness of the effective management of water, energy and waste throughout the community. Due to the importance of sustainability, the University includes an annual presentation entitled “Sustainability at FUE” where newcomers are oriented on sustainable practices. The goal is to develop a culture that perceives the sustainability of natural resources as part and parcel of one’s life in general and University life in particular, a culture that cherishes the value of the environment and works towards sustaining its resources.

Water Conservation Program

Water scarcity is an issue of grave concern in the area of New Cairo. The University’s awareness of the possible threats posed by such an issue led to the creation of a plan b that ensures the availability of water supply. The availability of water supply is particularly important since two out of the six faculties, not to mention the FUE Dental Hospital and the Factory for Industrial Training, rely on the availability of water supply in their operation.

The University adopts scientifically proven advances in water technology that enables the reuse of water in the formed of recycled water. This water is reused in industrial purposes such as cooling and irrigation. For safety precautions the treated recycled water is used for purposes other than human consumption, such as landscaping irrigation within the University campus as well as in washing cars. This is carried out through the available governmental recycled water piping network.  

Energy Conservation Program

Energy consumption may be considered as the most demanding sustainability challenge. The issue of energy consumption is further compounded as a result of the fact that FUE campus is in a desert climate that places high demand on air-conditioning. Other factors include the substantial number of office equipment found in the administrative building and offices located throughout the campus.

Waste Conservation Program

FUE is totally committed to recycling which is a resource recovery practice that refers to the collection and reuse of waste materials. Material for recycling may be collected separately from general waste using dedicated bins and collection vehicles, a procedure called Curbside collection.

FUE adopts the Curbside collection method of disposal in which waste is collected at regular intervals associated with curbside waste segregation. In this process the waste materials are separated into different bins (e.g. for paper, plastics, metals) prior to its collection.
Waste collected is then transported to an appropriate disposal facility. Throughout the campus are locations of different types of recyclable trash bins (plastic, cans and paper) plus bins for non-recyclable trash.