English Language Entry Requirements 2016 onwards

To follow our programs successfully and to prepare for the world of work, you must have a good command of English and be able to apply this in an academic and work environment. Therefore, you are required to provide a valid and an internationally recognized certificate as proof of your competence in English before starting your studies or by the time you graduate from FUE.

The tables below show the acceptable English Language Qualifications for our undergraduate programs.

Please note - English Language Requirements may be subject to change

Acceptable Qualifications Exam Board/Provider Result
Cambridge English: First (FCE) Cambridge English Language Assessment   Grade C 
IELTS   the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment   Overall Band 5.5 
TOEFL iBT   Education Testing Service  Score range: 46-59 

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English Language Courses

The English Department of FUE has over 10 years of experience running English language courses to support and improve students English Language proficiency.

Students admitted with internationally recognised English Language qualifications
You will be given 4 credits hours of English focusing on strengthening your academic English skills.

    Students admitted without internationally recognised English Language qualifications
  • First, you will sit a Placement test to determine your English language ability level
  • Second, you will need to choose one of the English language support options provided by the English language department
  • Third you will need to ensure that you graduate with one of the abovementioned internationally recognised language qualifications

English Placement Test

New undergraduate students applying to the university, without submitting an internationally recognised English Language qualification, will be given an English placement test to determine their English language proficiency and hence their level. This is an on-line Cambridge University test taken at in the university. The test is an adaptive one, which means the questions you are shown are chosen according to the level of your answers to earlier questions. You have thirty minutes to do the test. There is no set number of questions for you to answer but you must answer enough questions for your English language level to be assessed. The on-line test begins with an assessment of reading skills and this is followed by various tasks to test your use of written English, followed by listening tasks. 

If you would like to test your English language skills click on the following link