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Course Topics

The CELTA Course is designed by Cambridge and it covers the five main topics below:  

Course Topics
Topic What’s in the topic
Learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context  This topic includes:

- understanding the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of learners, and how this might affect their learning of English
- understanding different learning styles and preferences.
Language analysis and awareness  This topic includes:

- understanding key terminology used in English language teaching, applying this terminology in planning and teaching
- demonstrating a working knowledge of English grammar, lexis and phonology.
Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
This topic includes: 

- understanding basic concepts and terminology used for describing reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, applying this to teaching
- understanding how approaches to texts may vary depending on the purpose, making practical use of this in teaching.
Planning and resources for different teaching contexts
This topic includes:

- understanding the purpose and principles of planning for effective teaching
- selecting and planning the kinds of lessons that are most appropriate for particular learners
- evaluating lesson preparation and reflecting on this for planning future lessons.
Developing teaching skills and professionalism
This topic includes:

- effectively organising the classroom, both in terms of layout and pair/group activities
- making appropriate use of a range of materials and resources
- involving learners of different ability levels, enabling them to feel a sense of progress.