Vice President for Medical Affairs

Dear Students,

Future University is keenly aware of the needs of it's undergraduate and postgraduate students to be self -dependent "profession wise" . At FUE, they can achieve this through advanced clinical experience in dental practice, giving them confidence and the ability to deal with clinical emergencies and the effective use of related drug therapy. FUE takes a personal interest in each student and helps them aim high and achieve their dreams of reaching excellence in dentistry.

One of the latest achievements of FUE is the campus -based, highly specialized international dental hospital. The hospital specializes in oral and dental medicine and maxillo-facial surgeries. It was designed to meet the educational needs of students and medical needs of patients through an international collaboration in education and training. It provides advanced dental treatments for Egypt and other countries in the region.

The FUE Dental Hospital is equippied with the latest state of the art technology and advanced equipment, supporting technical work of the highest internationally recognized standards. In addition, it is a center for modern research where select teams of Egyptian scientists can interact with global partners to share knowledge and techniques. In so doing they achieve, maintain and improve the highest standards of excellence.

Dr. El Sayed Hassanein
Vice President for Medical Affairs