Academic Partnerships

Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering, University of Miskolc, Hungary

Academic Partnerships

The aim of the agreement with the University of Miskolc is to promote academic, scientific, technical, and cultural relations through, but not restricted to, academic exchanges, scientific research, professional internships and technical cooperation.

The exchange scheme includes professors, scientists, staff members, specialists, students and technicians. This purpose of this exchange is scientific collaboration in teaching research as follows:

1. Exchange of professors, scientists and staff members will be for the purpose of exchanging scientific experience and for teaching purposes at FUE. This will involve giving lectures, exchanging views on joint research projects and joint theses supervision, participating in conferences, symposia and post-graduate courses at FUE. 

2. Exchange of young staff members or specialists will aim to maintain scientific working relationships among staff members and scientists on both sides. Under-graduate (BSc) and post- graduate (MSc and PhD) students exchange from FUE to FEE will provide opportunities for training as well as the conduct of experimental work for the students' thesis

3. Staff members and qualified graduate students of both institutions will be able to visit the other institution or affiliated institutions, for the purpose of individual or joint research. 

4. Each institution will able to to have access to the public resources of the other, such as libraries, film and slide libraries, technical and academic materials depositories, laboratories for the purpose of enriching and developing their own resources as well as the use of both logos in publications, printings and official websites.