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Applicants are eligible for a variety of scholarships according to their academic, sporting, and other achievements in acompliance with University terms and conditions. Official documents must be submitted. 

  • An applicant who qualifies for more than one scholarship will be awarded whichever scholarship is the higher.
  • Students must retain a full time status during an academic year in order to maintain eligibility for the scholarship. If a student fails any course or receives a punitive or legal detention, he or she will lose the scholarship.

New Students’ Academic Achievement Scholarship

Acceptable applicants who achieve top grades in their Secondary or High School Certificate will be granted scholarships.

Siblings Scholarships

The University offers a 10 percent reducation in tuition fees as a sibling scholarship, as long as the brothers or sisters are registered in the University and are in good standing (GPA= 2.50). 

Partner School Scholarship

Accepted applicants from partner schools will be granted scholarships for the duration of their degree programs (4-5 years) as long as they maintain a GPA of 3.7. Please contact the Student Affairs Department for more information about secondary and or high schools that have been designated as partner schools. 

Sports Achievement Scholarship

FUE offers scholarships for students who have won an international, African, or local sports competition. Eligible students must submit the championship certificate, authenticated by the Supreme Council of Sports, to the Student Affairs Department. 

The late Dr. Hassan Azazy, University Founder's Scholarship

FUE offers five full-tuition scholarships per year to the top ten students in the Thanawiya Amma. They will retain their scholarships under the category of Academic Achievement Scholarships, as long as their academic performance is acceptable.