Tuition Policy

Tuition fees are annual fees divided into two installments and each should be paid before the beginning of each semester.

Tuition fees for  Bachelor’s degree courses for non-Egyptian students are paid in US dollars.

A student, who fails to make full payment for his or her balance by the final payment due date, will be prohibited from registering for classes until the balance is paid in full. 

Early Admission

Due to the limited number of students to be admitted at Future University, students in their final secondary school year are encouraged to apply for early admission. This will give them priority in reserving a place in the University during a ten day period after the secondary school results are published, on condition that they fulfill all secondary school graduation requirements and meet all the University's admission requirements. 

All accepted applicants must pay 500 LE. Unless the balance of the fees is paid by the announced date, a place cannot be guaranteed for an accepted applicant.

Regular Admission

All accepted applicants must pay the first installment of the tuition fee by the announced dates. Otherwise, a place cannot be guaranteed for accepted applicants. 

Methods of Payment

  • Students must obtain the payment order from the Student Affairs Office.
  • Students should proceed to the Commercial International Bank (CIB) branch in the Administrative Building on Campus (or any other CIB branch) to make payment.
  • Students who pay at a CIB branch, outside the university campus, must submit the bank slip to the University Financial Office before the deadline.
  • Only certified checks or bank drafts are accepted for payment.
  • Transfer students must cover any service charges connected to the bank transfer. The student's full name, student's number, faculty, and “Attention Students Financial Office” MUST be written clearly on the copy that is sent.
  • Students who pay through bank transfer MUST send a copy of the Swift to the Student's Financial Office.

Account Transfers:

Name of account : Future University
Bank: CIB
Future University 
Bank Addresse:
New Cairo, Al Tagamoa Al Khames, End of 90th Street

Accounts No:


Swift Code:

Refund Policy

    In case of a student withdrawing from the University, the following percentages will be deducted from the refund: 
  • Before the beginning of the semester – full fees refund, except for admission fees
  • During the first month of classes – 10 percent
  • No Refund after the first month of the semester

Note: Tuition fees are not transferable from one semester to the other.