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Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

The university provides safe and comfortable accommodations for students who choose to live in the university’s housing. The university provides twenty-four hour security and support services, including access to medical attention, when needed, laundry and dry cleaning services, and internet access. Each building is fully equipped with everything that students need for safe and comfortable living, including a dining hall, and a television room. The university is responsible for keeping the buildings clean and well maintained and for offering dry cleaning facilities. Each room is fully furnished and has individual air conditioning and a refrigerator. Students may also request an extra television for their rooms. The university’s student accommodation accommodates up to 1500 students.

Student Accommodation Students can select either a single or double furnished room. Students who reside in university housing have access to the entire facility and all university owned equipment. Accommodations are designed to be safe and comfortable while providing an optimal academic environment. In addition, the university provides services such as laundry, dining, medical facilities and internet access. 


The university’s student accommodation is located in El Rehab City, a fine new development situated within ten minutes’ drive from the university campus. El Rehab is known for its high level of security, its cleanliness, and well-maintained gardens and squares. Shopping malls, a cinema, cafes, a sporting club, and food courts are all within walking distance from the university students’ accommodation. The university housing service provides students, their families, as well as university staff, with an ideal environment for academic achievement and a social life, while ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

Students are expected to comply with all university rules and regulations while residing in university housing. They are expected to be respectful towards each other and to all university employees including the accommodation’s supervisors and workers. Of particular importance is the adherence to entry and departure times, as detailed in the instructions.

The University Catering Service

A catering service provides breakfast and dinner in the dining halls of university housing for those students registered for this service.

Security Department

The security department’s key role is to maintain the safety and security of students and the university facilities. They enforce correct student conduct and the regulations governing student housing, while informing the director of housing of any infringement of these.

Department of Cleaning and Services

The cleaning personnel maintain the cleanliness of university housing on a regular basis. They will inform the housing supervisor of any problems or complaints relating to the service. This department and its services are subject to periodic, unannounced, inspections to ensure a high quality of service.