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Welcome To the Psychological Health & Human Development Center

Dear Students,

Welcome To the Psychological Health & Human Development Center I am pleased to welcome you to the home page of the Psychological Health & Human Development Center of Future University.

As a college student, your life is filled with opportunities and challenges in academics and sports, as well as in the social and cultural areas. Our purpose is to address your psychological needs and concerns by providing unique; on-campus services that advance your academic accomplishment and that improve the quality of your personal growth. These services include individual and group therapy, personal consultations, workshops, training sessions, and psychological assessments.

We are ethically committed to confidentiality. We provide an integrated approach of counseling and therapy in an atmosphere of safety and respect. We encourage you to develop self-awareness, personal responsibility, and healthy relationships in regards to your whole person: body, mind and spirit. If you are concerned about confidentiality and privacy, we encourage you to discuss that with us in advance.

Students visit us for some of the following reasons: depression, personal problems, anxiety and stress, family problems, and other related issues. We also offer workshops with various topics including stress management, assertiveness, dealing with anxiety, overcoming depression, etc. Students benefit from active participating in our groups and getting equipped with skills that enhance their well being and academic performance. If you think you or a friend could benefit from our services, please call us or look through our website for further information.

We look forward to meeting you.

Nehad Ahmed, Ph.D.,
Clinical Psychologist,
Ohio License # 4185
Colorado License # 3242
Psychological Health & Human Development CenterĀ