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Banking Services

Banking Services

A branch of the Commercial International Bank (CIB) is located on campus, providing students with convenient financial services, special student packages, including the opening of a youth account, and the International Student Identity Card. The bank also offers loans to parents to help them cover tuition fees for the education of their children.

The CIB branch located on the university campus offers students the following services:

Tuition fees:

The bank welcomes all students and parents to pay their tuition fees either through the university branch or any other CIB branch.

Youth Accounts:

  • The bank offers students, aged between sixteen and twenty-six, a student youth card and a daily cash withdrawal limit is 6000 LE.
  • The fee for issuing a youth card is reduced from 35 LE to 25 LE.
  • You can have 24/7 access to your account through electronic channels (e-banking service & a telephone banking service)

International Student Identity Card (ISIC):

  • A prepaid card is issued to students who are aged not less than twelve years. The maximum limit on the card is 17000 LE and the daily cash withdrawal limit is 1500 LE.
  • The ISIC card can also be used as an ID card in Egypt and abroad.
  • The card issuance fee is 75 LE and the card can be recharged through POS machines at CIB branches whenever the maximum limit on the card is approached

Education Loans for Parents:

The CIB bank will propose to finance the payment of student tuition fees by offering education loan facilities for parents for up to seventy percent of the total education fees with a maximum limit of 80000 LE and a minimum limit 5000 LE.