Mission And Goals

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Psychological Health and Human Development Center to provide an on-campus unique, international, high quality, and outstanding services that advance the academic and personal growth of students and their families and address their concerns to improve their accomplishment and quality of life by encouraging self-awareness, personal responsibility and healthy interpersonal relationships within the University environment. 


Our primary goal is to assist students with their concerns before they develop into more serious problems. Students can talk to an expert in a supportive atmosphere to aid self-understanding and the resolution of personal issues. 


The benefits of the Psychological Health and Human Development Center to serve students and their families as follows:

1. Develop a sense of the whole person “Body, Mind, and Spirit”

2. Provide generalized and specialized practice of psychological assessments and therapeutic services which emphasizes an integrative approach and attempt to help individuals improve their quality of life.

3. Establish on-site training program to provide practicum placements for doctoral students from local universities in clinical psychology and master degree students in counseling.

4. Provide consultancy, advisory services, and workshops to faculty, staff and organizations.

5. Increase awareness about psychological problems and decreasing the stigma and socio-cultural barriers associated with this field.