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FUE Policies

Addressing Poverty

To participate in policymaking to set an outline to reducing poverty and promoting both equity and sustainable development .. Read more


Future University in Egypt aims to create a healthful and comfortable environment for students, faculty members, administrators, visitors, and any other members of the university’s community .. Read more

Lifelong Learning Access

Ensures that access to learning activities to everyone who wish to participate, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability or gender – in order to improve knowledge and competencies for all individuals .. Read more

Women Applications and Entry

Allowing women to apply, study and participate in all activities in FUE .. Read more

Policy of Non-Discrimination Against Women

To eliminate gender discrimination, promote gender equality, preserve human dignity, and establish educational resources to obtain gender equality .. Read more

Maternity policies

lays out the maternal conditions and rights to support women in education and/or employment .. Read more

Protecting Those Reporting Discrimination

Protects those reporting discrimination from educational or employment disadvantage .. Read more

Water Reuse

Maximize water reuse across the university .. Read more

Employment Policy on Discrimination

Ending any kind of discrimination (based on religion, sexuality, gender, age, .. etc.) in FUE .. Read more

Employment Policy Modern Slavery

State clearly the university’s position against any violation of human rights .. Read more

Employment Practice Equivalent Rights Outsourcing

State clearly and ensure all the rights of workers in outsourcing activities by third parties university’s position against any violation of human rights .. Read more

Employment Policy Pay Scale Equity

Addressing fairness between the university employees through the equality in compensating the employees which have the same job position regardless the Age, Disability, Religion or Belief and Gender .. Read more

Non-discriminatory Admissions Policy

Addressing fairness and equality in providing the educational opportunities for qualified students regardless the Age, Disability, Religion or Belief, Gender and Social status .. Read more

Anti-discrimination Policies

Having an environment free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation and/or sexual assault ..Read more

Disability Accommodation

Have a safe, reasonable, comfortable accommodation for disabled persons .. Read more