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Amira Mohsen Abdelkader

Basic information

Name : Amira Mohsen Abdelkader
Title: Lecturer
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Personal Info: DR. Amira Ghoneim,Lecturer at department of Pharmaceutics Pharmaceutical Technology,faculty of Pharmaceutical science and Pharmaceutical Industries, future university in Egypt . Graduated from faculty of pharmacy, Cairo university, class of 2003. View More...


Certificate Major University Year
PhD Pharmaceutics Faculty of Pharmaceuitical Scince -Cairo University 2015
Masters Pharmaceutics Department Cairo University - Faculty of Pharmacy 2010
Bachelor Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University 2003

Teaching Experience

Name of Organization Position From Date To Date
Pharmacy Owner and Manager of El Haramain Pharmacy 01/01/2006 01/01/2007

Researches /Publications

Therapeutic strategies for erectile dysfunction with emphasis on recent approaches in nanomedicine - 01/0


Mina Tadros, Nahla M. Salama


This review addressed erectile dysfunction, regarding pathophysiology and therapeutic strategies. The line of treatment includes phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors and other types of therapy like topical and stem-cell transplant. Scientific literature was assessed to investigate the impact of nanotechnology on erectile dysfunction therapy. Various nanotechnology approaches were applied, like vesicular systems, lipid-based carriers, nanocrystals, dendrimers, liquid crystalline systems and nanoemulsions. Smart nano-systems can alter the landscape of the modern pharmaceutical industry by re-investigation of pharmaceutically suboptimal but biologically active entities for treatment of erectile dysfunction which were previously considered undeveloped.

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Schizophernia: Stages approaches in treatment and future prospects - 01/0


Mahmoud M. Ghorab


This review gives a summary of the stages of schizophrenia, first and second-generation antipsychotics development and the techniques used in their formulations. These methods aim to improve the dissolution of these drugs and hence bioavailability, or to be formulated in controlled release forms, or to improve the brain targeting efficiency

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Spray dried self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems for sertraline HCl pharmacokinetic study in healthy volunteers - 01/0


Mahmoud M.Ghorab, Dina M. Mostafa


Purpose: The aim of this study is to improvelow oral bioavailability of sertraline HCl by formulation and characterization ofsolid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system [SNEDDS] using spray drying technique. Methods: Solubility of sertraline HCl in different vehicles was determined, and ternary phase diagrams were constructed.Various formulations were prepared and characterized by morphological characterization, differential scanning calorimetry and droplet size analysis. The formulations were evaluated for in vitro release profi le in comparison to the marketed product [Lustral® tablets]. The in vivo study was performed on healthy human volunteers for pharmacokinetic analysis of the optimized formulations. Results: In vitro release data showed signifi cant improvement of dissolution rate of sertraline HCl in form of liquid SNEDDS compared to the plain drug. Optimized liquid SNEDDS were chosen for the preparation of solid SNEDDS by spray drying technique. High dissolution effi ciency values of solid SNEDDS indicated the increase in dissolution characteristics of sertraline HCL in solid SNEDDS. F6 SNEDDS, comprising Capmul® 20%, Cremophor® 53.4%, Transcutol® 26.6% showed highervalues for AUC[0-72 h], AUC [0-∞] and AUMC[0-72h] compared to Lustral® tablets. Conclusion: The prepared formulation reveals the potentiality of incorporating sertraline HCl in a SNEDDS formulation to improve the biological performance of the drug.

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Rapid pain relief using transdermal film forming polymeric solution of ketorolac - 01/0


Ammar, H.O., Ghorab, M. and Mahmoud, A.A., Makram, T.S.


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Award Donor Date
Non Non 2009

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