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Vision and Mission


To be prestigious locally, nationally and internationally, as a department of a prestigious institution, by:

• Offering high-quality education through graduating outstanding skilled pharmacists
• Procuring the best patient-centered pharmacy services for the community
• Achieving a leading position for research in the field of natural products


The Department of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants is completely dedicated to:

• Providing excellence in education, research, and public services in the disciplines of pharmacognosy and natural product chemistry
• Meeting the current and future needs of alternative medicine and homeopathy
• Defining the direction and scope of herbal drug therapy through continuous and innovative research
• Promoting pharmaceutical care locally, nationally and internationally, by securing a supply of safe and efficacious natural medicines
• Searching for local natural resources as remedies for the management of endemic diseases
• Serving as a consultation center for the pharmaceutical industry and community
• Developing suitable extraction and isolation (with QA methods) for natural products used as pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.