Agreements and Partnerships

Temple University

Agreements and Partnerships
Meeting between Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmaceutical Industries (FUE-FPSPI) and School of Pharmacy, Temple University (TUSP) on April 2009:

Future University and Temple University agree to cooperate to develop joint arrangements in research, teaching and related collaboration and sharing knowledge and expertise in undergraduate and graduate education, including student and faculty exchanges.
Temple University and FUE will collaborate in providing two special series of lectures and/or experiential modules for undergraduate students: 
  • A two-week intensive module in Good Manufacturing Practices & Pharmaceutical Unit Operations.
  • A four-week Clinical Experiential Education Module.
Undergraduate level collaborations included : 
  • Clinical rotations in US for 7 weeks .
  • Training in the US in Industrial Pharmacy including the use of drug manufacturing equipment, lectures and hands on training on TUSP equipment as well as at the Emerson corporation manufacturing facility.
  • TUSP arrangements for the delivery of condensed lecture sessions at FUE in the area of clinical pharmacy.
  • TUSP arrangements for giving condensed courses and training at FUE in the area of drug analysis, drug manufacturing and any other area of interest to FUE students.
Graduate level collaborations included: 
  • Channel studies for Graduate Research; where researchers from FUE-FPSPI will spend 1 year at TUSP conducting research areas of interest in the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • QA/RA ; where TUSP will offer several courses in QA/RA via video conferencing and also a master's degree in QA/RA for a longer duration.
FUE considers knowledge sharing and academic and training based collaboration with other institutions as a cornerstone of academic success. We are always receiving visitors from our partners for lectures, workshops and research projects. Here are some of the academic lectures and courses given by Temple University deans and professors: 
  • Prof. Dr. Magid Abou Gharbia,Professor and director of CDDR, Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA conducted a seminar about novel therapeutic techniques and the strategies for their discovery in December 2007.
  • A team from Nova University headed by Dean Andres Malave presented a two weeks intensive course in Clinical Pharmacy in December 2008.
  • Dr. Gabi Betz, Basel University presented a Pharmaceutical Technology course in February 2010.
  • Temple University professor and Associate Dean Maged Abou Gharbia, and his team including , Dr. Michael R. Borenstein, Ph.D. in biochemistry and associate dean of Temple University, Dr. David Lebo, Ph.D. in pharmaceutics taught course modules in Biochemistry and Pharmacokinetics.
  • Another group from Temple University gave lectures by the following individuals:
    • Dr. Charles Ruchalski PharmD BCPS, Clinical associate Prof. of pharmacy practice, Temple University, School of Pharmacy
    • Dr. David Lebo, Director of cGMP services, Assistant Prof. of Pharmaceutics, Temple University, School of Pharmacy