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Marwa Tammam

Basic information

Name : Marwa Tammam
Title: lecturer of Microbiology and Immunology
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Personal Info: Dr. Marwa Ali- Tammam, PhD, lecturer of Microbiology and Immunology. Ph.D degree in Microbiology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain; MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universidad Complutense de Madrid ; BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ain Shams University . View More...


Certificate Major University Year
PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2009
Masters Pharmaceutical Sciences Universidad Complutense de Madrid 2006
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Sciences Ain Shams University 2002

Teaching Experience

Name of Organization Position From Date To Date
Misr International University Lecturer at Microbiology Department 01/01/2011 01/01/2012
Misr International University Teacher Assistant 01/01/2002 01/01/2004

Researches /Publications

Complete Atlas For Mechanically Constrained Double 3R Chains - 01/0

Marwa Ali Mohamed Tammam


In this paper, a new methodology is applied to a mechanically constrain planar parallel robot formed by double 3R chains. This will transform the considered system to 8-bar mechanism. Graphical technique is introduced to enumerate all possible graphs. Then a new structural code is used to detect isomorphism and locked chains. Finally, reverse transformation is applied to construct 8-bar linkages from their corresponding graphs. As a result, a new complete atlas for 8-bar linkages is introduced for the first time, which consists of 39 linkages for independent link connections and 30 linkages for dependent link connections. Two, three and four fixed pivots are included in the proposed atlas. All enumerated linkages are compared with their corresponding kinematic chains introduced by Tsai.

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Synthesis of bioconjugate analogs of curcumin as potent antitumor agents. Khairia M. Youssef, Omaima A. Abu-Alwafa, Reem I. Al-Wably. - 01/0

Marwa Ali Mohamed Tammam


Some new curcumin and ethylcurcumin bio-conjugates with various functionalities supported on the curcumin skeleton were synthesized and evaluated for antitumor activity. Most of the newly synthesized compounds are more active than curcumin and ethyl curcumin but are less cytotoxic than the reference compound doxorubicin. Surprisingly, many of these compounds are not cytotoxic to noncancer cells. Compounds 5c, 5e, 5g, 5j, 6b, and 6g having 5-methylthiadiazole, 6-methoxy-benzothiazole and the usual alkylating bis(2-chloroethyl) amino moeitis showed the highest cytotoxic activity against SK-MEL cancer cells. Moreover, compounds 5c, 5e, 5j, 5k, 6d, 6e, 6f and 6g showed cytotoxicity against BT-549 cancer cells with 5j being the most active compound. Compound 6b is the only one exhibiting cytotoxicity against SK-OV-3 cancer cells.

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Validated Stability Indicating Assay Of Linezolid By Spectrophotometric And High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Methods - 01/0

Marwa Ali Mohamed Tammam


Simple, precise and sensitive methods have been used for the determination of linezolid and its alkaline induced degradation product and in pharmaceutical dosage form. The first method depends on differential derivative spectrophotometry that is based on inducing spectral changes upon changing pH of the medium. In this method AA values have been measured at 227.2 nm and Beer's law was obeyed in concentration range of 2.0-14.0 gm. Another three methods based on derivative spectrophotometry including D2, D3 and D4 were proposed in which the derivative amplitudes were measured at 260.9 nm, 245.6 nm respectively. The calibration curve was linear over the concentration range of 1.0-14.0 gm for these methods. The fifth method depends on reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic method that was successful in the resolution of linezolid and its alkaline induced degradate using ZORBAX-C18 column and a mobile phase of KH2PO4 buffer adjusted at pH3.0: methanol: acetonitrile in the ratio of 60:20:20. A linear response was observed over the range of 2.0-24.0 gm. The retention times of linezolid and its degradate were 2.973+-0.008 & 1.464+-0.118 respectively. All methods were successfully applied to the commercial pharmaceutical preparation without interference from common ingredients accompanying the drug.

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