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Staff Researches

Amira Mohsen Abdelkader

Rapid pain relief using transdermal film forming polymeric solution of ketorolac

Amira Mohsen Abd Elkader Ghoneim

Ammar, H.O., Ghorab, M. and Mahmoud, A.A., Makram, T.S.

Pharm. Dev. Technol


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Self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system for sertraline hydrochloride: Design, preparation and characterization

Amira Mohsen Abd Elkader Ghoneim

Ammar, H.O., Ghorab, M., Mostafa, D.M.

Int. J. Pharm. Pharm. Sci.


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International conference of pharmaceutical technology

Amira Mohsen Abd Elkader Ghoneim

Intercontinental citystars


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