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Future University Annual Employment Fair

Future University Annual Employment Fair
May 13th, 2012

Future university is holding its Annual Employment Fair on Sunday, May 13th at FUE campus.
More than 60 multinational and local companies  in different sectors are participating,  offering summer internships and recruitment opportunities for FUE students and graduates.

The fair is part of the University’s overall effort to help in better serving the students not only academically but also future and career path wise , through direct exposure with companies and real life interviews, business challenges and direct contacts with companies representatives.

FUE vision will always be focused on how to get our students prepared all over their academic  years and after graduation in order to be ready and updating all market needs and real life demands.

For more information or inquires about the Fair please call:

Human Resources Department
Hotline: 16383            Ext: 2303


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