Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Medical Coverage


After careful selection, FUE signed an agreement with one of Egypt’s leading healthcare companies. The company services are in the area of healthcare management whereby a selection of prominent physicians in different fields of specialization, medical centers and pharmacies are made available for FUE as a client to the healthcare company. Moreover, these premises are available at different locations covering a wide range of governorates in Egypt. Through their medical insurance, FUE provides effective healthcare service to its FUE employees.

To render complete medical service, each member receives an insurance card that contains his/her data, where they can obtain prescription drugs, information on what specialized clinics and hospitals are available as part of the service. And the employee simply needs to fill out the form.

FUE is equally committed to providing its students with sound health insurance coverage. This service is carried out by the same healthcare management company. The benefits the students get include:

Cards Categories

FUE students are entitled a card to be transferred to either out- patient consultants, consultants clinics or In patient after G.P.'s transfer and in case of summer vacation, they have to contact the company's hot line in order to be transferred automatically to the required consultant.

Out Patient Services

Patient is entitled to be transferred to consultants through university G.P., this is also applied in case of examinations, x-rays and lab work. 

In Patient Services

Patient to be admitted to hospital prior to either consultants or G.P.'s transfer letter according to patient's case & history after company's approval.

Partnering With a Wide Range of Reputed Hospitals:

Dar Al Fouad Hospital 6th of October - Al Salam International Hospital Al Shorouk - Hospital Al Nozha International Al Salam Mohandiseen- Misr International Hospital- Al Marwa Hosiptal- Cleopatra Hospital - Saint Peter Hospital - Al Nakeel Hospital - Al Mokatam Hospital Badrawi Hospital AL Hayat Hospital Arab Contractors Hospital- Al Giza International Hospital Dar Al Sheifa Al Hekma Al Safa Hospital Demeskh Hospital Al Helal Al Akhdar (10th Ramadan City) Ibn Seina Al Teby (10th Ramadan City)- Dr. Abdel Hay(10th Ramadan City)- AL Zohour (6th, of October City)- Alexandria Medical Centre (Alexandria)- Egyptian British Hospital(Alexandria)- Al Shorouq (Alexandria)- Al Tayseir Hospital (Zagazig)- Al Obour Hospital (Zagazig)- Al Tadamoun Hospital(PortSaid) Al Safa Specialized Hospital (Monofia)- Al Delta Specialized (Monofia)- Al Shorouq (Monofia)- Al Amal Hospital (Suez) Ibn Seina Hospial (Suez) Dar Al Sheifa (Damietta) Al Salam Hospital (Hurghada)- Al Gouna Hospital (Hurghada)- Sharm El Sheikh International Hospital (Hurghada)- Luxour International Hospital (Luxour) Al Zahraa Hospital (Assuit) Abou Al Soud Hospital (Menia) Mohy Al Dein Specialized Hospital (Menia) Al Nile Specialized Hospital(Aswan) Arafa Hospial (Al Fayoum)  

Prescribed Drugs

The Company covers all drugs prescriptions with a maximum of 80% of the total invoice, the remaining 20% to be covered by the patient. The prescribed drugs should be written in Royal Care's forms and to be delivered through authorized pharmacies.

Dental Treatment

Dental treatment such as extracting and having fillings made are covered up till a maximum level through authorized consultants.

Emergency Cases

In the case of an emergency, no letter of transfer is required and the arrangement and finance of the ambulance is totally covered.