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Welcome to Egypt, “the gift of the Nile” as Herodotus the ancient Greek historian described it. Egypt is the land of civilization, history and magical atmospheres. One of the world's oldest civilizations, history in Egypt began around 4,000 B.C. emerging from the Nile Valley. It is a vacation spot that bursts with a wide variety of sites, tending to every interest. Egypt's history covers more than the Pyramids; one of the seven wonders of the world. For it also contains ancient monuments, and sightseeing destinations covering the Roman era, Coptic Egypt and Islamic Egypt. Cairo, Egypt's capital is the heartbeat of most events and where the entire buzz is.  


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If you are a seafood lover then try it made the Egyptian way for lunch at the "Fish Market". Or for a wider variety to choose from visit Le Pacha, Nile City Boat, Imperial, or Blue Nile for Italian, Lebanese, Tex-Mex, Asian, or even Moroccan cuisine. For tasty Egyptian Oriental dishes don’t miss "Abou El-Sid", or enjoy Chinese cuisine along with a Nile cruise on the Nile Peking boat.  


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Shopping in Cairo can be great fun, ranging from all ancient Egyptian related gifts such as painted papyrus scrolls, often embellished with hieroglyphics, are popular and perhaps a little more tasteful than stuffed camels or models of the pyramids. Stars Centre is the retail shopping component of the City stars complex and providing its visitors a unique shopping and entertainment experience. The shopping centre includes world-renowned diverse brand names, 2 indoor theme parks, movie theaters, as well as various dining choices. The First Mall located in Giza overlooking the river Nile is the prime destination in Egypt for sheer luxury and impeccable taste. Located in the heart of the city, The First Mall is considered Egypt’s outlet for high end international brands such as Bvlgari, Rolex, Omega, Tiffany & Co, Bally, Zegna and Paul & Shark covering three floors, all overlooking the fountain centered La Gourmandise brasserie, famed for being a frequented meeting place for society’s most prominent figures.

Almost anything can be found in the city's main market; Khan al-Khalili in Islamic Cairo. Gold and silver are widely available and not expensive, provided you haggle a bit. Among the items that do make attractive souvenirs are jewelers, perfume, leather goods, brass and copper items. Silks, jewelers, exotic herbs spices and hand-made gallabayas (long dresses) also make good gifts, as do perfumes from the Perfume Bazaar area.

The Street of the Coppersmiths (An-Nahassin) is naturally the place to go to find a good choice of brass and copperware. Large engraved brass trays are popular and can be bought complete with a wooden stand to turn them into a coffee table. More easily transported are cups, bowls, plates and ornamental trays.  


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Summer nights in Cairo are just as intoxicatingly hot as the days. Enjoy the night in one of Cairo's many outdoor lounges located along the Nile with their diverse cuisines such as Orchid, which is a nightclub/lounge/restaurant located on the Trianon Boat in Giza. The Lounge (City Stars Intercontinental) is a unique and impressive air-conditioned outdoor outlet and night spot offering food, wine and music. Don’t miss the Nile Maxim trip. Feast your appetites with a mouth watering dinner while you enjoy the breathtaking Nile cruise of Cairo by night. Or if you feel like something different, take a felucca (boat) trip at sunset down the Nile. And for those interested in the arts and culture, the Cairo Opera House is the place to go with all, etc.