Report on FUE’s the National Bodybuilding Universities’ Championship Held on April 11, 2015

News The Student Life Department’s Sports Activities Section participated in the National Bodybuilding Universities’ Championship held at Alexandria University on April 11, 2015.
The Championship comprised 22 Egyptian universities with a maximum number of 10 competitors per university. FUE’s team consisted of eight players. The Championship started at 10:00 am by weighing the competitors. FUE participation:
- 60 kg – one competitor: After a tough competition, Khaled Yaqout ranked fifth out of the total of 22 competitors
- 65 kg – one competitor: Amr Tarek El-Salousy ranked fourth out of the total of 25 competitors
- 75 kg – two competitors: Mohamed Ahmed Badran and Mohamed Yasser Kamal who ranked seventh and eighth out of the total of 20 competitors 

News - 85 kg – three competitors: Ahmad Youssef El-Hakim ranked sixth in spite of his lower back injury; after a tough competition from Alexandria University and Arab Maritime Academy competitors, Mohamed Ashraf Gamal ranked fifth; Mohamed Mahmoud Shafik ranked eighth in site of the fact that this is his first time to participate in such a Championship
- 90 Kg – one competitor: Ahmad Nabil Ahmad ranked eighth place out of the total of 20 competitors from different Egyptian Universities
University rankings:

Alexandria University ranked first place
The Arab Maritime Academy ranked second place
Cairo University ranked third place 


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