Future University In Egypt (FUE)
Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Future University in Egypt Research Center (FUERC)

With the growing emphasis on collaborative and interdisciplinary science, Research Centers have become indispensable to highly ranked universities. They gain their importance from the outstanding role they play in enhancing the academic activities, in general, and post graduate reputation and scientific ranking in particular. Realizing this fact, Future University in Egypt (FUE) have decided and allocated sufficient funds and infrastructure to establish FUE Research Center (FUERC) having the following vision, mission, and goals:


To be the leading international university-based research institution providing value-driven, real-world solutions, which will enable the University to acquire, manage, and execute educationally relevant and economically sound research programs.


To lead, integrate, and deliver multidisciplinary research and development solutions in energy, information technology, Medical, Environmental, and Economical affairs to meet customer commitments on time and at cost.


  • Advancing innovative research of interest to industry, state government, policy makers, community organizations, and Inducing boundary-crossing (inter-disciplinary, inter-departmental, inter-institutional) research.
  • Extending the academic mission of the university by rearranging and re-directing the research efforts of faculty towards areas that are deemed important by external agents and enhancing the quality and quantity of publications under the name of FUE in reputable Journals.
  • Mobilizing FUE staff members in different fields and recruiting external outstanding researchers to address scientific, and real- world problems; forming interdisciplinary teams; carrying out academic-industrial partnerships, and other interactions with knowledge users; giving support to other academic units in instructional and training activities, consulting, and outreach.
  • Providing core facilities to a range of users on campus in cooperation with other university units. These facilities cover equipment, services and temporary lab space for faculty and external collaborators.

FUE Research Center in short allows the university to explore emerging research fronts since it acts as a forum through which, not only do academic scientists gain an organizational framework to access information and resources, but the university also increases the visibility of its campus research that takes place in multiple schools and departments.

One more important aspect is that through this research center, the University can also diversify the types and modes of research performed, the clients served, and the organizational environment for advanced research training. This in addition to giving academic scientists the means to pursue new relationships, sources of ideas, funding opportunities, and audiences for their research outputs.