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Dear Post graduate Students welcome to Future University in Egypt where you will gain an outstanding opportunity to develop your skills and capabilities. The faculty plays an exceptional role in pharmacy education, aiming at graduating competent pharmacists able to face health challenges and pharmaceutical problems.

We have been always aware that pharmacy is a profession that is expanding in new directions to meet the healthcare needs and that it is moving beyond the traditional compounding and dispensing of medications towards a more professional advisory and pharmaceutical care role. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmaceutical Industries – FUE focuses on fostering the role of pharmacists as patient–oriented professionals committed to fullfill the healthcare needs of the patients.

To create an optimal environment for learning and research, the academic faculty staff devote their time and effort to get a distinguished graduates at high academic and scientific levels. Additionally, well equipped laboratories and library resources are provided by the university.

Continuous improvement and development of the postgraduate studies in the faculty is achieved that have created more programs oriented towards meeting the essential needs of developing the society in Egypt following a well designed research plan.

At the end I wish every one of you a greate sucsess in hes/her mision working on his/her post graduate degree in a pleasant and very cooperative atmosphere at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries at FUE

Prof. Dr. Seham A. Elkheshen
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
and Pharmaceutical Industries

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmaceutical Industries has adopted unconventional methods to develop the system of academic research in order to meet the needs of society development. Thus, our faculty offers master's programs in the fields of Pharmaceutical sciences (M.Sc.).

This booklet is intended to be a useful source of information on many aspects of the offered postgraduate programs. It also provides answers to most of the questions that may arise during the course of study.

Specifications of prequalification courses and curricula of faculty M.Sc degree are presented in details together with specified credit hours for each course and means of student evaluation.

Every attempt is made to make the information in this book accurate and to provide a good guide for postgraduate students before registration in a specific program as well as during the course of their study.

Prof. Dr. Manal Kandeel
Vice Dean for Postgraduate & Research Affairs

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Aspiring to reach the highest standards of education and as an integral part of Egypt's education system,

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