Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Admission and Registration Regulations

Academic Year Calendar

The academic year begins in October for the full-time course-based programs offered at the faculty and is continued for 12 months. It consists of 2 semesters, the first starting in October and the second in March. Vacations are allowed at the end of the examinations periods, after each semester, and as determined by the Faculty Board. Examinations of the 1st semester are to be held during February and those of the 2nd semester during July. 

Application Calendar

Applications to postgraduate M.Sc. programs are submitted once a year, in July, to the PSRA Administration Office. Admission decisions are announced in September providing all supporting credentials are received and University fees paid. 

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are admitted at the Faculty upon fulfillment of the following:
    • Acquisition of an approval from the concerned Departmental Board. 
    • Submission of all requested credentials to the PSRA Administration Office [Baccalaureate certificate, Grades certificate, Military service status document (for males only) and Birth certificate] 
    • Submission of an employment authority approval to pursue postgraduate studies in the selected program comprising an agreement to necessary dedication for its achievement. 
  • Additional admission requirements may be imposed by the individual Departmental Boards, if necessary. The number of admitted students is limited and based on available Departmental and Faculty facilities. 
  • Appliance to more than one degree program at a time is not allowed except upon approval of the PSRA University Board and as recommended by the Faculty Board after consultation of the concerned Departmental Board.  
  • Applicant must hold a B.Sc. in Pharmacy with a general grade of Good (grade C , CGPA= 2.3) or higher and a grade of Very Good (grade B , GPA 3.0) in the specialty courses from any Egyptian accredited pharmacy school or scientific institution. 
  • Appliance to new courses is based upon passing the pre-requisite ones. 
  • Applicant must present the approval of his/her working place for giving his / her the required research day(s). 

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