Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Admission Requirements

In addition to the minimum requirements, mentioned page (1), applicants to M. Sc. degrees should meet the following program requirements: 

  • They should be holders of Baccalaureates in Pharmaceutical Sciences (B. Ph. Sc.) with a minimum grade "Good" from any Faculty of Pharmacy affiliated to the EU or an equivalent degree granted by any institute recognized by the SCU. In addition to a minimum average grade "Very Good" in the undergraduate courses related to the area of specialization as determined by the concerned Departmental Board. 
  • The Faculty Board, relying on Departmental Boards recommendations, may admit to the program holders of B. Ph. Sc. with grade "Acceptable" if they have successfully achieved a specialized Diploma with a final grade "Very Good" at any Faculty of Pharmacy affiliated to the EU or an equivalent degree granted by any institute recognized by the SCU. 
  • The student should present the TOEFL certificate with a grade not less than 450, PET, IELTS, or any other international certificates. Also, the student should present his/her ICDL certificate. 
  • The applicant should be wholly engaged in his study for a minimum of 2 days / week for 2 years. 

Program Deadlines

  • Students are eligible to graduate after a minimum of a year and half (18 months) from the date of approval of registration to the thesis research topic by the Faculty Board. 
  • Students should fulfill all the degree requirements within a maximum of 5 years from registration; time spent on approved leave or absence (authorized suspension) will not count towards time to degree. Extension is allowed for an additional period upon request of the Major Advisor and in compliance with the concerned Departmental Board. 
  • Students' registration to the thesis research topic should be no later than five years from completion of the Master's course-work requirements. 

System of Study

  • A total of at least 48 credit hours is required for MSc degree, including course-work and thesis. 
  • Minimum course-work requirement is 18 credit hours as indicated by the faculty board and upon suggestion of departmental boards. 800 – Level courses should be selected as to include faculty requirement courses (compulsory, 4 credit hours) and specialized core courses (both compulsory and elective). 
  • Students must complete a research thesis on a topic selected by the Major Advisors and approved by the concerned Departmental Boards, the PSRA Committee and the Faculty Board;
    30 credit hours are earned for the research thesis. 

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